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Larissa: Pacific Union College

Hayley: Southern Adventist University 1

Meredith, Aurianna, Crystal, Sheri, Josef, Natalie: Southern Adventist University 2



 “9 months gone, just like that. I just finished saying goodbye to some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this year was and the impact it had on me. This was without a doubt the best year of my life. I have learned, grown, and expanded my horizons, and I am a better person because of it. I want to thank everyone who played a role in making this year so incredible for me: my ACA classmates, my teachers/Villa faculty, my Italian friends, and all of the awesome strangers i met this year! You have all served as an inspiration to me. Italy has become home for me and Florence will forever hold a piece of my heart. I can’t help but feel a little heartbroken right now as I leave this BEAUTIFUL place, but I find peace in the memories that I made here and in the fact that I know I will be back. Italia mi mancherai, hai veramente preso il mio cuore! To all of my fellow classmates, teachers, study abroad students, backpackers, and fellow world travelers reading this, I have but one thing to say to you all…CHEERS!!! May you continue living life to the fullest and being all about the good vibes! It has truly been a pleasure!”


“When I left Italy I thought that I would never see the people that I met there again. What a great surprise! Many things have changed in my life. Many things…I have grown a lot, I have learned a lot. I think that my time there in Italy opened my eyes to the world”


“When I return to the United States, I want to remember that life is richer if you take time to appreciate people and if your mind is open to learn new things. I learned a lot more than a language thing year, and for this I am grateful.”


“I spent all summer working and saving money and fantasizing about what my magical year in Italia would be like…of course as life would have it, my year abroad was nothing that I imagined it would be but better. Not because it was perfect but because it was my year of liberation. It was the new start I prayed for and for the first time in my life,I was free to be myself completely, fully, and wholly. That year I cried the hardest, laughed the hardest, danced the hardest and fell in love with myself and God on a whole new level. To everyone who was a part of that year and journey with me you all hold a special place in my heart. Italia will forever be a second home to me and a part of my heart. Thank you for teaching me how to love, embrace, and appreciate the beauty of life.