Student Manual


Academic policies and courses

Academic policies


Italian Language and Culture

  • phonetics
  • grammar
  • composition
  • conversation
  • italian culture
  • current events


  • the art of Italian ceramics
  • the art of tailoring
  • fashion design
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • Painting styles and techniques
  • General fitness program
  • Law and Religion in the European Union
  • History of Church-State relations throughout Europe
  • Human Rights throughout history of Europe
  • Italian fine arts and monuments
  • history of Italian art
  • Italian Art during the Renaissance and Baroque periods
  • Religious artworks¬†throughout Italian Art History
  • History of Italian modern Art NEW
  • History of Italian Music
  • Italian Literature
  • Italian Culture
  • Italian Culture in British and American Literature
  • Geography of Italy
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Comparative religion
  • Italian history