Our spacious and well-lite library is also a part of the newly renovated building. And besides having access to all the books you will need it is also a perfect quiet place to escape to when you can’t focus on your homework.

In total there are around 20,000 books at your disposal. Some are only for consulting and browsing at the library but there are also many that you can borrow and take to your room or a day at the park.

A more in depth look shows that our library is organized in regards to the DDS (Dewey Decimal System) that regroups the books into thematic areas.

  • 000 General
  • 100 Philosophy
  • 200 Religion
  • 300 Social Sciences
  • 400 Language Sciences
  • 500 Theoretical Science
  • 600 Applied Science
  • 700 Art
  • 800 Literature
  • 900 Geography and History

In summary, our collection is in constant growth and we have a particular interest in the area of Biblical Studies in order to assist our theology students in their research.

Our library is associated with the SDIAF (Integrated Documentary System of the Florentine Area, which is known on a national and international level), an organization that facilitates the consultation and loaning of books throughout Florence.