Villa Aurora’s garden rests on a hill called Pergolas. The name is most likely derived from the pergolas of grapes that were present in the area (hence the name of the street: Via del Pergolino). All around the villa you can admire our blossoming garden that refutes the name Poggiosecco (dry hill) given to this area.

The garden is closely linked to the history of our school and until 1300 it belonged to the Maccianghini or Macinghi family. Then the ownership transferred to the Riccardi family (famous because they acquired the Medici Palace in ‘600s), until the 800’s. During this time there was a well-kept garden of oranges, lemons, pears and figs and it was surrounded by vineyards. From the 800’s to the 900’s the piece of property exchanged hands several times which even included a period of time when a German family, the Schmitz, held claim. Carlo Schmitz was a passionate botanist who introduced several exotic plants to the villa, but it was all in vain as his nephew removed most of these plants and even some of the cedar trees.

Since 1947 the villa has been owned by the Adventist Mission but it is open for anyone that wants to enjoy a quiet stroll or find a place to rest under the shade of one of the trees. In the spring there is a rainbow of colors and a perfume that wafts through the air thanks to the splendid wisterias that flower in April. In fact, the base color of this website is inspired from the violet color of it’s flowers which is a celebration of the rebirth of nature and hope that comes with a new year.